Examination Data Report Session: 2015-2020

Total Number of students appeared in last 5 Sessions in UG Examination

Year wise success data of Boys and Girls at Under Graduate Level

Students Appearance Under Graduate Level

Students Performance Under Graduate Level

Students Performance (Boys v/s Girls) UG Level

Students Performance (B.A.)

Students Performance (B.Com.)

Students Performance Success Rate 2015

Students Performance Success Rate 2016

Students Performance Success Rate 2017

Students Performance Success Rate 2018

Students Performance Success Rate 2019

Students Performance Success Rate 2020

Academic Year

A sum of two consecutive (one odd + one even) semesters constitute one academic year. The annual teaching days for CBCS should not be less than 180 working days.

Semester UG
Odd Semesters : 1st, 3rd, 5th semester July – December
Even Semester: 2nd, 4th, 6th semesters January - June

Marks distribution

Continuous Internal Assesment End Semester Exam Total
30% 70% 100%
30 Marks 70 Marks 100 Marks
12 Pass Marks 28 Pass Marks 40 Pass Marks

Performance of Marks

The performance of the learners shell be evaluated in two components: Internal Assessment with 30% marks by way of continuous evaluation and by End-Semester Examination with 70% marks by conducting the theory examination.

A. Internal Assessment

Sl# Evaluation type Marks
1. Mid-Term Test (Subjective/objective) 15
2. Assignments/Projects/posters/quiz/Seminar 10
3. Classroom attendance and active participation with leadership qualities, good manners and articulation in routine class instructional deliveries (case studies/seminars/presentation) 5

B. End Semester Exam

Part Particulars Marks
A 10 objective type questions (MCQ/True-False/ Fill in the Blanks etc.) for Two mark each 10 x 2 = 20
B 8 short answer (350 Words) type questions, of which 4 have to be answered for 5 marks each 4 x 5 = 20
C 4 questions of long answer (800 words) type, of which 2 have to be answered for 15 marks each 2 x 15 = 30

Grades and Grade Points

Grade Grade Point Marks Percentage
O (Exceptionally Good) 10 95%-100%
A++ (Outstanding) 9 90%-94.99%
A+ (Excellent) 8 80%-89.99%
A (Very Good) 7.5 75%-79.99%
B+ (Good) 7 70%-74.99%
B (Above Average) 6 60%-69.99%
C+ (Average) 5 50%-59.99%
C (Satisfactory) 4.5 45%-49.99%
P (Pass) 4 40%-44.99%
F (Fail) 0 Less than 40%
X (Absent) - -

Our Pride

  1. Kolhan University 1st Batch Session 2009-2012, B.Com. (Hons.) Ankita Pathak Gold Medalist in our college
  2. Kolhan University Examination 2018 B. Com.(Hons.) Tahera Afreen 2nd Topper of Kolhan University is from our College.