From Principal's Desk

A message from the Desk of the Principal

Education is a keystone for building an educated and civilized society. It is a tool to unleash the intellectual, cultural and spiritual talent of the citizen. JKS College is not only an educational institution but a team which is engaged in building and strengthening the nation by providing quality education to the students. The college had humble beginning in 1979 A.D. at Jawaharnagar in Mango area of Jamshedpur. The College was established by the visionary of Dr. B. Prasad, The then Head and Dean, PG Department of Commerce & Business Management, Ranchi University. with the objectives of providing higher education to the young students of slum area. Since then the College has been continuously striving for the upliftment of the weaker and underprivileged section of the society. Being located in an area surrounded by minority citizens where literacy rate is very low. The College has been working with a clear vision to spread awareness regarding the importance of education among the nearby residents.

We strongly believe that apart from bookish knowledge a deep sense of humanity, equality and justice is very necessary for all-round development of the students to make them responsible citizens of the country.

-- Dr. Mohit Kumar
Principal (I/C), JKS College