College Code of Conduct

Core Values

The JKS College is not only an educational institution but a team and nation building organization. The Institution has actively been serving to uplift the weaker sections of the society. We have been working with a clear vision to spread value-based education and to create awareness among the students for the betterment of the community, the society and the nation. JKS College strictly follows the under mentioned principles to achieve its goals for which the College was established in a backward area of Mango, Jamshedpur in the year 1979. We, all the members of the Institution collectively responsible to follow the basic rules and priniciples of the institution. These basic principles acts as the pillars of the Core values of the College family.

  • To impart knowledge and skill for the overall development of the students and society.
  • Service to the weaker and downtrodden of the society.
  • To preserve integrity and the deep sense of universal outlook as well as unity in diversity of the Nation.
  • To develop creativity, innovativeness and excellence.
  • Seeking self-improvement, selflessness and self-dependence.
  • Adherence to professional ethics.
  • Tolerance, understanding and scientific outlook.
  • Foster leadership and decision making.
  • Optimal Utilization of resources.
  • Service to the community, society and the nation.
  • Heighten the reputation of the College.
  • Enhance healthy and harmonious relationship among all members of the College family.
  • To face and accept the challenges and changes of life.

Code of Conduct for Teachers

Teachers play an important and crucial role to mould real character and creativity among the students. Teachers have the ability to make or mar the nation. Hence Teachers should make themselves aware about the norms, rules and regulations of the proper authority as well as the Government.

  • The teachers are expected to maintain the following principles to impart real education to the society.
  • The basic purpose of education is to create skill and knowledge and the awareness of eradicating darkness in the society by adopting a scientific outlook.
  • Higher education should strive for the progress of creativity, real education, research and scientific outlook in conformity with the need of the nation for all-round development.
  • The profession of a teacher is noble, full of sympathy, patient and amiable.
  • The profession needs continuous attempt to promote the quality of education.
  • The teachers should ensure the completion of prescribed syllabus before the announcement of examination.
  • The teachers should make continuous growth through research and inventiveness.
  • New outlook and horizon should be made by the attempt of teachers.
  • The Head of Department and Faculty members arrange extra classes for the needy.
  • The teachers should perform their duties sincerely and compassionately in the field of teaching, mentoring, seminar, examination and evaluation works.
  • The teachers should respect the right and dignity of the students.
  • The teachers should pay attention to only the assessment of merit.
  • The teachers should obey the bylaws of the Governing Body.
  • The teachers should be honest, impartial and considerate in dealings with the students as well as the office staffs.
  • The teachers should stay away from any kind of showoff that may create a sense of inferiority among co-workers or students.

Code of Conduct for Students

The future of the country depends on the behaviors of the students. They are the real resource and assets of a country. Their conduct, behavior, thinking and creativity make a country healthy and wealthy. The students of today will be the leader and torchbearer of tomorrow. Hence, we have the responsibility to inculcate the quality of universal outlook, compassionate nature and tolerant attitude. To flower all these qualities students, have to abide by the following rules and regulations.

  • Students should maintain discipline, etiquette and code of conduct.
  • Show respect to teachers and elders.
  • Do not disturb anyone in the college campus as well as in the class.
  • Keep your college documents very carefully.
  • Keep yourself informed about the facilities; the college provides you from time to time.
  • Maintain security, peace and make healthy atmosphere in the campus.
  • Students must follow the rules laid down by the library, reading rooms, common rooms, offices and other related departments of the college.
  • Regularly visit the website of the college.
  • Carefully notice the Notice-board and be well-informed of the college events.
  • 75% attendance is necessary for appearing at the examination.
  • Students who are absent without any reason, he will not be allowed to enter into the class.
  • Be punctual and regular in the class.
  • Use of any intoxicant, cigarette, paan masala and such other unfair things is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not indulge in offensive work.

Code of Conduct for Non-Teaching Staffs

Staffs of an educational institution play an important role in developing the College. Hence, staffs should make themselves aware about the norms, rules and regulations provided by the authority of the College as well as the Government.

  • Adherence to professional ethics
  • Obey the rules and regulations of UGC, Parent University and the Govt.
  • Obey the bylaws of the College Governing Body
  • Service to community, society and the nation fairly and honestly.
  • Respect the Teachers, Students and Parents.
  • Keep loyal to the institution with its aims and objectives.
  • Do not engage in any malpractices.
  • Strictly follow the Timings and be punctual.
  • Do not involve in dubious transactions.
  • Do not harass any student/parents/Teachers.
  • Must not use official time for private or personal purposes.
  • Follow self-discipline & Restrains.
  • Deal politely with teachers, staffs, students, parents and others.
  • Must not be absent without prior information to the authority.
  • Do not involve in any kind of offences.
  • Do not use intoxicants, cigarettes etc during duty hours.
  • Respect the vision and mission of the Institution.
  • Increase interest in online dealings.
  • Increase ability to work with computer.
  • Any breach of conduct may lead to proper action by the GB/Principal
  • Do not disturb to other staffs working with you.